Tours in Cesme

Tours in Cesme

Our guests who plan a holiday in Cesme show great interest in the tours we mentioned below to have a pleasant time.

We have compiled the tour varieties for you.

    • Cesme Boat Tours
    • Cesme Snorkeling tour
    • Cesme Diving tours
    • Cesme Fishing Tours
    • Cesme Private boat rental
    • Cesme Rafting tour
    • Cesme Jeep safari tours
    • Cesme ATV safari tours

A magnificent holiday awaits you in Cesme, one of the paradise corners of Izmir, the pearl of the Aegean.No matter which of the above tours you take, you can be sure that you will have forgotten moments.

If we give brief information according to the type of activity you prefer; Cesme boat tours will present the extraordinary nature, air and other wonders of Cesme in a period of 6-8 hours. We have different boat tours that are all inclusive or include only a lunch menu.Disco parties and animations on the threshold of professional DJs will add color to your entertainment.With swimming breaks, you will immerse yourself in the blue waters.

Our guests who want to rent private boats in Cesme, you are in complete control of this tour.You ask for it, we'll do it. Just specify the route you plan to take.You can also leave the food menu to our master chefs.An unmissable opportunity to spend a day with friends or family.

With diving tours in Cesme, you will have the opportunity to see unique sea creatures that you have never seen anywhere before.You will visit the bays of Cesme, which are containing shallow and cool waters, with diving tours.You will gain experience with short-term diving trainings in stagnant regions and get to know the underwater world more closely with our expert divers.

Fishing tours in Cesme are of great interest to our guests who want to experience them for the first time, which is to fish among their indispensable hobbies.All equipment is available on our boat, but you can bring your own fishing rod if you want.You will be able to cook and consume the fish you catch on the boat.Returning from vacation will be one of the most exquisite moments you will share with your loved ones.

Safari tours in Cesme will help you show off your adventurous spirit.The ATV safari tour is your preferred tour for the rides you want to have under your control.Jeep safari tour is one of the tours that we will carry out under the supernity of our experienced guides.In both, you will experience adrenaline and have happy moments by crossing muddy and path paths and mountain slopes. Safari tours are literally the most suitable route for you to enjoy safari.With rest and meal breaks, you will slow down a little and move on.The natural beauties of Cesme will greet you with a smile.

What's Included

  • Transfer Service
  • Guidance Service
  • Insurance
  • Lunch

Not Included

  • Drinks (except all inclusive)

Some Important Information and Warnings

If you would like to know more about the tours we explained in short abstracts, you can contact us.

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